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Video Editing
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$39.99 - $99.87


As far as video editing software goes, Filmora is user-friendly, accessible, and elegant. In short. it's perfect for the casual hobbyist or for a new video editor looking to hone their skills while still producing quality content.


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Filmora Full Review

The Pros :

1. The workflow and interface are remarkably easy to grasp, even for a complete novice, and all aspects of your project can be managed from the main window.
2. 100 audio and 100 visual editing tracks are available.
3. Anyone can become proficient in using Filmora in just an hour or two.
4. Compatible with sharing platforms like YouTube; direct upload is possible.

Cons :

1. Lacks some more sophisticated tools that are commonly found in professional-grade software, for example, you can't insert closed captions.
2.The new updated version lacks the action cam module found in earlier versions.
3.Storyboard editing has been removed in the latest version.

In short, Filmora isn't the software for professionals or content creators who create complex projects and videos, but for $39.99 per month, it's perfect for beginners and hobbyists.


Video Editing
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